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For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Oh Knickers!

Today I finally faced the scary and humongous task of sorting out my wardrobe! To be honest the fact that clothes were falling out was a quite a big hint that it needed tackling!
I discovered that I own more knickers than I thought possible - certainly the shareholders of Marks and Sparks must love me!!!! Needing more space for all my tops I took all the undies out of the wardrobe drawers ( or should that be I took my drawers out of my drawers?) and wondered what the heck to do with them all. My solution is in the photographs below! A reversible knicker bag that can hang in the wardrobe. I'm really pleased with it. Hope you like it too!
Have a fab crafty week
J xxxxxx