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For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
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Friday, 28 October 2011

Early sewing start tomorrow!

I hate getting up early but tomorrow is boat lifting day - not for me though! Rob will be off to Langstone to get boats out of water and I will be safely ensconced in my workshop wrestling with the super king sized quilt I am making.
I have decided to do various forms of "quilting" on it including hand sewn patterns, stitching in the ditch and sewing through all the layers with the buttons I have made.
I want the hand sewn quilting to tell my life story so it has to include boats and music.
If you were making a "life" quilt what would you include and why?
Better get my work room ready for my early start............
Have a happy weekend my sew amazing friends

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Beverley Minster - an unexpected surprise!!!

I love architecture and I love textiles! Went in to the Minster today to satisfy my architectural geekiness and there was a gallery full of the history of the Minster and the stunning town of Beverley created in textiles!! It was brilliant and made by some incredibly talented artists. A book has been published with the work in but it had sold out! Guess you can't have everything..........although a girl can wish!