For sew amazing projects, news, tips and sew much more!

For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
Ruby Summer........Vintage Inspiration

Friday, 31 August 2012 comes the sun!

In twenty four hours I will be in LA. plan to write patterns to while away the long flight!
Can't wait to see the big yellow thing in the sky - boy have I missed not having a decent summer!
Looking forward to a day in the fabric quarter. Who knows what I will find.....
No blog for a couple of weeks but there will be plenty of blogging when I return to the cold autumnal shores of Blighty!
Until then my lovies.......happy sewing xxxxxxxx

Friday, 10 August 2012

My meandering mind and sewing superstitions!!! If I could just concentrate on one thing............

me and my Ruby Summer brain waves!
image taken from

 Having worked as an academic for more years than I care to mention, one of the golden rules of research is to stay focused! Well if I hadn't decided to become self employed I would be the naughtiest girl in the class this week! (oooooh)
I was busily researching fab fabrics for handbag construction for a future blog when a strange question popped in to my head - are you meant to put a penny in a purse when you gift one? I am prone to rather random thoughts but as I have been working on some purse designs lately I suppose there was at least some logic here! The answer by the way is YES!
Having satisfied myself on that front the ol' brain waves started meandering again and they got me wondering if there were any actual sewing superstitions ............and there are LOADS!

Have a look at some of the mad stuff,(or shall I call it research?!), I found;
  •  Never start a sewing project on a Friday or you will not finish it. Apparently though it's alright to work on a project you started before Friday!!!!
  •  Never sew on a Sunday .... something to do with stitches and being berated in Heaven. ( So that only leaves Saturday for some safe weekend sewing then, pffffft!)
  • Never gift scissors...... they should be bought by the person you want to have them. Hence the idea that you would give someone a penny in exchange for the bladed gift. (Sounds suspiciously like a ruse to cash in on gift giving to me - ok, call me cynical!)
Have you ever heard of any of these or do you have any others to share?
Seems like our great grannies were pretty busy inventing superstitions! I wonder if they created any about getting out of the housework? Let me just google.................................
Until next week my Rubynistas when I hope we will be looking at different fabrics for our projects........... have a restful weekend and only sew on Saturday because it will probably be raining again by then anyway!!!!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

BLOG CANDY to help you build your perfect sewing kit with love form Ruby Summerxxxx

We have got blog candy this week!!!!

Well hello again Rubynistas!

How are you getting along with the Olympics? Are you watching like crazy or hiding in your sewing space? I am doing both! I reckon I could get Team GB a gold medal for enthusiasm when it comes to sewing!
Last week we talked about getting the right thread for your project. This week we are looking at how to put a basic sewing kit together. It is easy to get carried away and buy everything you clap your beady eyes on but to be honest it’s a waste of money because wasted money = smaller fabric stash!!! There are so many twee little bits out there but the serious Rubynista needs a proper kit!!!
 So here goes!
First is what I think are the absolute essentials;

Big – main fabric cutting
Pinking – if you are unable to overlock seams
Snips – for fiddly cutting – a life saver!
Tape measure
Do I need to explain why?!
Tailors chalk
Marking fabric, for example, seam matching or dart placing
Well, we all make mistakes!!!
Spare needles
For your machine and a handy pack for hand sewing
Pins with glass heads
Holding fabric for sewing. Get pins with glass heads so you can actually see them in your fabric and avoid unnecessary swearing when you stab yourself or break a needle!
Safety pins
Always useful when your hem falls down at the wrong moment! And of course holding heavier projects and quilts together
Essential. I know “iron” is a four letter word but humour me. You cannot create professional finishes without an iron – simples!
Ironing Board
Doesn’t need to be flash! In fact I am making my own this week. Will take tons of piccies so I can do you a tutorial.

Notes: Buy the best scissors you can afford. Really good scissors last for life just like a damned good sauce pan (unless you bat someone over the head with it)

a scissor selection

This next list is sewingy stuff I have and can’t live without….. but it depends on whether you are planning to quilt too……..

Rotary Cutters
The incredibly easy way to cut fabric!
I have a range of sizes depending on what I need to cut and how many layers of fabric I am cutting through
Cutting Mats
Mine is huge – and I looooove it. I cut a lot of big pieces of fabric so its fab – you don’t need to go so mad!
Quilters Foot
On a spring and perfect when I  am quilting as it raises over the fabric and prevents puckering
Pin Cushion
Saves your pins rolling on the floor, being stood on by the cat and getting a huge vets bill.
Cutting Rulers
Robust rules to cut with and soooooo much more …..But let’s save that for another day.
Daylight Lamp
As a migraine sufferer I find this essential, and of course come winter its great for treating S.A.D.!

ooooh what a lovley gratuitous picture of sewing things!

Ok, so the lists aren’t exhaustive and I am bound to have left something out! If I have let me know what you must have in your basic sewing kit.
Don’t forget to collect buttons, buckles, fastenings, tons of fabric, empty clean takeaway containers (free storage) and glass jars (even better storage) and always buy the best quality (not necessarily the most money) whenever you can.
To keep the cash flowing only buy thread when you need it unless of course you see an absolute bargain!
Well my darlings, that’s it for this week. I hope it has been a useful read. Do keep in touch, I looooove getting your emails and photos.

A little blog candy to get your kits started!

seam ripper - will yours be blue?
If you’ve got any pics of your sewing kits send them to me so they go up in the blog and inspire others! Whilst your at it what is your can't live without item in the kit? I will email you back if you are a winner so that we can arrange to send your candy to you!
Send pics and words to The first five to arrive will be sent a free seam ripper to add to their kits.
J xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps. this week I have been mainly buying scrummy shiny pvc!