For sew amazing projects, news, tips and sew much more!

For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Grumpy old woman gets excited, shock news!

The older I get the more flipping miserable I get! It takes something pretty special to grab my interest these days. (am I alone in becoming a bit of a cynical grumpy sod?!)
It doesn't help that I am fighting off yet another virus. I should become a hypochondriac then at least I wouldn't actually have to feel so damned awful all the time!
Anyway like Ronnie Corbett sat in his oversized chair I am digressing!
Whilst laying in bed wishing I was out in the beautiful sunshine I have organised my calendar for the year re all the shows I want to attend and need to book up. So it's Malvern, Sandown and Birmingham all by August for some serious quilting and textile art exhibitions and fabric acquiring! I really wanted to find some exhibitions in the States so I could go a travelling with him indoors!
Anyway, I still haven't got to the point have I? I noticed that if you join the Quilters Guild of the UK you get discounts etc. In ticket prices. Being the daughter of an Accountant I had to take a peek. I don't think I will really save much money but boy I am joining it. They are involved in all things quilting and textile art including education, running a huge research library and housing a collection of over 600 quilts and pieces in their own museum in York. It is really worth spending a few minutes visiting their website and browsing the collections. Being into "old stuff" I was transfixed by the heritage collection. Have a look, I would love to know which collection you love the best.
The work that is involved is phenomenal. To think most of it has been hand sewn too! I guess there was no Eastenders to act as a distraction!
Anyway, as I am now coughing to death I shall take that as a message to put the ol' iPad away!
Until next time "Happy Crafting"
Loads of love
Janie xxxx