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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Quick Christmas Pressie make!

This wonderfully scrummy scarf is so quick and easy to make and will be warmly received by anyone. Save yourself some money and give beautiful hand crafted pressies this season.
It's super easy with only two seams! Even beginners can do this in minutes!
I haven't put pix in as they're just not needed!

How to make a the super easy. Super snugly scarf:

From 60" wide super soft fleece material cut across the width 12" down

Fold in half width ways with right sides facing and sew along the long seam to make a tube.

Turn your tube the right way around and lay out flat. Hold one end and twist three times.

Now very neatly poke one end matching the seams into the other end to make a neat join. Stitch across the join


Out of a yard of 60" wide you will get three scarves or if you make them skinnier, say 9" wide, you will get four!

If you can't get 60" wide fabric why not cut from two contrasting fabrics to get the width? Just join right sides together before you create your tube.

Happy sewing and don't forget to send pix of your gorj creations!

Don't forget - a crafty christmas is a meaningful Christmas xxxx

Lots of love janie xxxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vegan Soul Power!: 50 Vegan Sandwiches

Vegan Soul Power!: 50 Vegan Sandwiches

Nothing to do with sewing but wow, this is fab! Xxxxxx

Happy sewing xxxx

Making Stephana!!!!! It's all Greek to me!

The sun is shining on SW19 this morning and its inspiring me to create!
Planning our little thin Greek wedding for the summer we have been looking at some of the traditions. We have decided to give the plate smashing a miss but if anyone wants to pin money on us they are welcome!!!!
One orthodox tradition that really appeals is the wearing of Stephana to show unity.
Soooo I've been looking at them and being a crafty sew and sew have decided I'd like to make ours so we can have our own special Stephana crowns for our own special day!
The old brain is whirring with design ideas. Do I take inspiration from traditional styles or dare to be different with individual styled crowns to suit our personalities? What way would you go?
Can't wait to get some mood boards made, so off I go!
Looking forward to hearing your ideas
Btw.... If you have ever worn a Stephana at your wedding I'd love to see the pix
Ps photo taken from Stephana US. A great informative site.