For sew amazing projects, news, tips and sew much more!

For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Weaving a tale!

Happy jubilee weekend everyone!

As most crafters know we never throw anything away. We are as tight as a ...... Well you know , I don't need to put it in print !
Today I put on my snorkel and goggles on and dived in to my scrap bags! I found some old friends and some bits i had forgotten I'd ever sewn with. To be honest I even found some bits that should have gone in a bin! So what did I do with all my scraps?
Well to cut a long story short.., last month I bought some shiny doc martins. The box they came in was converted in to a loom and I wove a bag with all the bits. It's turned out pretty well so far. The main body is made but I want to line it and it needs lots of snipping here and there - sewing is a bit like hairdressing I reckon!
Pics at the bottom of this post are the tale so far!
In the mean time I've had loads of Tyvek and ink transfer paints arrived today so I will be kept out of trouble over the bank holiday!
Did I mention I'm off to LA at the end of the summer........ Rock on the fabric quarter in Pasadena!
Next week I will post pics of the finished tale.....until then byeee. Xxxxx