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For sew amazing projects, tips, gossip and much much more!
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Should I iron? Hell yes! (ok, with caution!)

I've had a wonderfully mad week making up a couple of designs I've been working on. Tomorrow sees the start of my sailing inspired design come in to fruition!
Until I started sewing seriously I always thought that the word "iron" was a four letter letter word in good company with some of those other well known four letter expletives! But I have been reformed! Okay I admit the ironing of clothes is minimal and I love a stretchy, easy care filled wardrobe but when it comes to my sewing do I iron? Hell yes!
It doesn't feel like ironing mind you. I picked up a great idea from my fabby sis in law when we visited her in Los Angeles last year - its a portable ironing mat. It is laid across the top of a chest of drawers in my studio and hey presto I've got a non ironing board that I actually love using!
Now, I'm not so sad that I love sewing ironing just for something to do. It's because it's the only way to get a truly professional finish to your work. Yesterday I was creating a patchwork star. This needs super sharp points etc.
If I still haven't convinced you have a look at the pix below. Notice the difference in the length of the ironed strip compared to the non ironed one. Also look at the backs of the strips too.
Are you convinced? I hope so or you might as well not waste your time and money trying to create something of beauty!!!!
Until next time.......happy sewing xxxx j xxxx

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